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irs tax filingEfiling online is the fastest way to get your tax return. Recommended by the IRS, efiling has become the preferred way to file online if you want to simplify the process of filing taxes without having to understand the intricacies of the IRS tax code. Simply follow the free online instructions using TurboTax Federal Free Edition to maximize your deductions.

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What is IRS eFile?
The IRS e-file is electronically filing your taxes for individuals. It is the fastest way to file your taxes.

Is the IRS efile accurate?
The IRS eFile is the most accurate option when filing your taxes.

Is efiling faster than traditional filing?
Using IRS e-file, you’ll get your refund back in about half the time and even faster if you use direct deposit.

Is there a fee for IRS efile?
The IRS does not charge a fee for e-filing.

How do I pay If I IRS efile?
You can authorize a direct deposit from your checking or savings account or you can also pay by phone with a credit card, check and money order.

Will I receive payment confirmation?
Your bank statement and your copy of your electronically filed tax return which includes your direct transfer authorization.

Can I make my payments after April 18?
You can not submit payment after April 18th and be considered "on time". We suggest that all payments be scheduled for transaction at least two business days before April 18 to make sure you are not victim of any random delays.

Can I cancel or change my payment date?
Once you efile your tax return you will not be able to change your designated payment date. The only option you may have is to cancel the transaction and send a check for the correct amount. You can cancel a payment but only if the Treasury gets cancellation instructions by the morning of the business day prior to your payment date. The cancellation must be authorized by your Taxpayer identification Number (TIN), payment amount, and bank account number.

Can I make partial payments?
You can make a payment but only if you pay off the rest by April 18 or you will be subject to late payment penalties and interest. If you cannot pay in full by April 18 then you should apply for an Installment Agreement which lets you make partial payments after April 18.